Watching the global sporting goods business – the future  
“The best way to predict the future ………….. is to create it!”

  New technology for better performance. High Tech athletic apparel, sports shoes and equipment will become mainstream products. Consolidation and concentration in a high profile industry that brings happiness and good health through sports and physical exercise.
Sports,lifestyle and fashion melting together in a growing global industry.
SportVenture is monitoring consumer trends and industry development realizing that the best way to predict the future …… is to create it!

Industry articles


New times, new challenges

International, WFSGI

Erst Markt dann Konkurrent 2005



Framtiden kan inte forutsagas
- men den kan påverkas


Fremtiden kan ikke forutses  Norway


For mye retro For mye retro i


Fremtiden kan ikke forudsiges  Denmark

Healthy Sport in a healthy society
International, WFSGI

Naturen er fremtidens sportsarena

Kronik, Norge



Innovations in the Sporting Goods Industry
Selected by SportVenture:

    Powergrid: Unique fitness equipment
Combining physical exercise with video games.