Watching the global sporting goods industry– flashback


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”In sportswear and fashion business everything is cyclical – but unless you try to cross new borders, you will never grow”

Lars Wiskum, SportVenture

70 years ago sporting goods business was a specialised business producing, supplying and selling team uniforms and apparel, shoes and equipment to a limited number of people worldwide like hard training athletes and kids having sport classes.
The world had not yet seen any Nikes or Reeboks or most of the other well known global sports brands. Nor had we heard about multinational retail groups in sports like Footlocker, Decathlon or Intersport International.
A training outfit was a grey sweatshirt with cotton fleece pants or a polyester tracksuit most likely produced by Adidas or Puma and in the USA by Champion and Russell.
The Chuck Taylor All Star canvas shoe was the industry standard of a athletic shoe for all sports.

But times has changed…!!
Old sports companies disappeared as they did not grasp the new trends.
Hundreds of high profiled international and national brands in sports and leisure have mushroomed in an industry already in 2000 considered to be the largest in the world and according to figures from WFSGI and Goldman Sachs & Co. Research had registered sales of US$ 92 billion. 5 years later in 2005 this figure is estimated to have doubled to app. US$ 180 billion worldwide including figures from emerging markets like China, Russia and fast growing Eastern European markets.

The story continues …. And the wheel is turning faster…!!
Through the 80ties and 90ties the sporting goods industry has experienced the running boom, the first fitness craze, the outdoor trend with more people choosing active holidays, the general trend of working towards a healthier life style and the growing sports fan culture. Great athletes have turned into superstars and product development and technical innovations have crossed new borders for the industry.

Sporting Goods Business today affects everybody.
Sports lifestyle segment has been growing and the wellness revolution will affect us all. Obesity crisis and a growing concern for a global population getting too little physical exercise. But we dress sporty and watch sport for entertainment.
Differentiation, individualisation and innovation. The Universe of the global sporting goods business involves preparation, analysis and strategic short and long-term planning.
SportVenture follows the development in the global sporting goods business realising that success is a journey – not a destination.

“ The best way to predict the future……is to create it”