About SportVenture  
”The best way to predict the future ….. is to create it!”

SportVenture is a consulting company for the global sporting goods and apparel business and for entrepreneurial and innovative activities, products and concepts within the fields of sports, fitness and leisure activities.

SportVenture combines knowledge with intuition turning it into customer value through individualized consulting and coaching. Knowledge and experience is power in a fast changing global marketplace.
SportVenture delivers inspiration to innovation and creativity based on market trends and consumer behaviour.
Differentiation is a key to success in a global marketplace with too many brands and too many products.Fresh eyes – a different approach – the spirit of innovation linked with coordination and implementation.

Founder and CEO of SportVenture is Lars Wiskum – an industry veteran - who has been managing and building international brands within the sporting goods industry. Lars Wiskum has prior served as founder and managing director of Via Sport A/S and Via Holding A/S and served as board member in several textile, fashion and sports companies in Scandinavia.

Since 2001 he has been serving as international senior consultant and strategic business advisor for sports brands and sports companies. Lars Wiskum is also a writer and business consultant for Scandinavian Sports trade magazines and fitness magazines.

He has published international articles about development and consumer trends within the global sporting goods industry, among others:
“Too much retro puts product development and innovation on stand by” (2004 SportLink, Sport)
“The future in sporting goods business cannot be predicted – but you can influence it” (2004 SportFack, SportLink, Sport)
“New times – New Challenges & Opportunities for Global Sports Brands (2005 with Martin Roll in WFSGI yearbook, SPOMO)

Based in Denmark Lars Wiskum is also engaged in entrepreneurial innovative activities within the music business and development of outdoor fitness equipment.

SportVenture is a member of WFSGI - World Federation of The Sporting Goods Industry

Consulting, branding, innovation
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