“Motivation, a positive attitude and the ability to see new possibilities and cross borders are key factors for success”

Lars Wiskum, SportVenture


SportVenture is a consulting company for the global sporting goods and apparel business and for entrepreneurial and innovative activities, products and concepts within the fields of sports, fitness and leisure.

has more than 25 years of experience and realizes that differentiation is a key to success in a global marketplace with too many brands and too many products

SportVenture is based in Denmark but operates worldwide with a network of experienced and qualified associates and contacts within the global sporting goods industry – with Europe as a key market.

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“The best way to predict the future

– is to create it”

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"Lars Wiskum is a passionate and very knowledgeable specialist with key competencies and high-level experiences from the international sports good industry. He captures the relevant, distinct and ever-changing trends as well as the many new challenges facing the industry.Therefore, Lars Wiskum is one of the leading advisors to any sportsbrand aiming for better performances".

Martin Roll,
CEO, VentureRepublic